Just like it is so incredibly important to establish your home as a place of positivity and warmth, you should ensure your office space is too. After all, this is where people spend a majority of their day, five days a week. Sometimes, even six. In fact, studies have shown that pleasant office environments have a direct impact on motivation and productivity. Though you need not look at decking it out like the Google office, there are certainly a few things you can think about to elevate its presence. You will notice a marked difference and an improvement not just in work, but in your employees’ attitudes and work ethics too. Here are a few handy tips to bear in mind on the same.


We creatures of the 21st century seem to be far more acquainted with fluorescent lights than natural sunlight, and that is a terrible thing to be frank. More than eight hours a day are definitely spent indoors, save for lunch breaks and the occasional hop to the next door store. Most offices are often closed up, with blinds, walls and so on. However, natural light is just as important as anything else. Incorporate as much natural light as you can in your office. You will be surprised at what a positive impact it will have. Most interior design companies are also now jumping on the bandwagon, which is a good thing.


In other words, a place for your employees to ‘hang out’ occasionally. Your workers are only human, and they need time and space to recuperate. You cannot expect them to sit at their desks all day, only getting up for lunch. Even if it is a small space, it is fine. It will encourage them to know you made an effort to at least include a break space at all. A small television, pool table and books with some comfortable chairs or bean bags are all you need to make a big difference. Again, you will see the effects through improved productivity.


Whether you are considering retail interior design Dubai or design for residential, you must clear out your clutter. Actually, offices tend to pile up all sorts of unnecessary things over time because often tidying up is not the first on their list. It should be though. Make it a habit to assign a few hours for a clean-up every 3 months or so. When designing your office space or even redesigning for that matter, you will have to take into account where everything will go. So it would be a complete waste to make allotments for things that should essentially be thrown out.


If your employees are seated on rickety, old chairs on tables that are not meant for typing and using computers comfortably, soon enough they will come down with all sorts of ailments. Back pain is one of the most chronic conditions in the world, and it is only growing as we continue through the digital age. Sick employees means more absences, which in turn means less work done and a drop in revenue and profits over time. Invest in some sturdy furniture. Show your employees they matter to you. Plus, it looks nice too!


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